Coffee Station Black, Coffee Station Overflow Deck Coffee Accessory, perfect coffee lovers gift or for your coffee bar decor.

$ 45.00


Rectangle Coffee Station
2 piece unit
Black base - Black deck
Manufactured in USA out of Terpolymer

 Holds approx. 106 oz
Typical 14 cup Coffee maker carafe holds approx. 84oz
Dimensions are approximate:
Length ≈ 13  7/16 inch
Width ≈ 10  1/2 inch
Height ≈ 1  15/16 inch 

  Accessories in photo not included 

Color may differ slightly due to different computer monitors.

Coffee Overflow Solution

Introducing a unique and first of its kind way of controlling coffee overflows at your coffee station. This masterpiece designed and manufactured in the United States only by Justin Case Deck is your perfect solution to coffee overflows. 

  • Sturdily Built: This Coffee Pot Station Stand is built strong and can comfortably hold 106 oz of carafe weight. So you can place your coffee maker where you want with confidence.
  • Captures Spills large or small: This product is designed to hold more than the contents of a typical 14 cup coffee maker, it is impossible to get filled up at single usage before the content is discarded.
  • Protection to your Appliance: Now you can relax with peace of mind while your coffee maker is at work, you have no worries about having your appliances damaged or your furniture, counters and flooring soaked as a result of coffee spills and overflows.
  • Buy With Confidence: Buying this product saves you a lot of time, money and damages.. It's a practical way of spending your money wisely because you never know when next your coffee maker will take some overflow spills.

Product description :

Are you a coffee lover? Are you thinking of the next kind of coffee maker to bring home? For sure, A Coffee maker is a great item to have around. But, have you thought about what could happen next if you're carried away by something else while your coffee maker is still at work? How would you feel when you come back and your expensive household appliances are already soaked in liquids. That's a kind of frustrating experience that you don't ever want to encounter. Now here's great news for you! You can now take some time out engaging in something else while your coffee maker is at work without having any fear of coffee spillage. Thanks to Justin Case Deck's Coffee Pot Station Stand designed to automatically hold all spilling liquids. It works like magic and can hold over 14 cups of a typical 14 cup coffee mker without allowing any drop to escape. This is an excellent way to keep your appliances safe and your furniture, tables, walls etc. clean while enjoying your favorite coffee. This item is of a limited supply, Hurry and grab yours while the stock lasts. Buy Now.


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