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 Coffee makers are great, until they overflow!  We personally have had several incidences of coffee overflowing, causing frustration and a large enough mess that could have easily resulted in extensive damage not to mention injury.

      We used the automatic start feature in the AM, until we had too many malfunctions with the coffee overflowing onto the kitchen counter, down through the cabinets onto our new hardwood floor. After the 2nd malfunction we purchased a new coffee maker from a different manufacture thinking it was the manufactures defect.  After the 3rd malfunction we researched to see if there was a solution for the overflowing issue.    
            Our research revealed that this is a common problem and that there is not a product to solve the issue.  


     The research located many websites and blogs from consumers that were expressing the same frustrations.  Many blamed the coffee maker(Bunn, Cuisinart, KitchenAid, Keurig, DeLonghi, Mr. Coffee, Black & Decker, Krups, Breville, Hamilton Beach, Oster, Capresso, iCoffee, Delfino, etc.)   and purchased a different brand in order to alleviate the problem.  It was not isolated to any one manufacturer; all of the major manufactures had similar complaints.           
     It was brought to light that in most cases it was not the manufactures failure, simply a consumer’s misuse of the coffee maker, e.g. overfilled the coffee bin, incorrect filter, not placing the carafe in properly, etc.  
     Seeing that that there is a real need for this product inspired us to have the product developed and patented.  We drew up a rough design and hired artists and engineers to develop the final design.  

We have developed and patented the Just-in Case Deck to solve this problem.



The specific problem to be solved by this patented invention:

       Injury or damage to property often occurs when liquid overflows from a small appliance when there is a malfunction. For example; hot liquid overflows from a coffee maker, due to coffee maker malfunction or user error.  The liquid often misses the interior of the carafe and overflows.  Hot liquid flows over the counter, down the cabinet doors, into the lower cabinets, and onto the floors. Malfunctions occur at home and at the office at all hours of the day, especially in view of many coffee makers with the programmable start operation feature that allows the coffee to brew unattended.  Accidents in the kitchen are one of the top 5 places in the home to have an accident, slipping on liquids is one of the top causes.  Overflowing coffee from a coffee maker malfunctioning can cause injuries from slipping and falling, burns, and possible electrical shock.  The Just-in Case Deck could save the consumer from undue frustration, time, expense, damage and injury.

  • Frustration
    • Nobody likes cleaning up messes especially at the start of their busy day
    • Cleaning up someone else’s mess
  • Time
    • Somebody has to stop to clean up the mess, no matter what they are doing
      • Getting the kids off to school
      • Getting ready for work
      • Office staff stops production
      • Relaxing
  • Damage
    • Floors
    • Cabinets and countertops
    • Important papers, files, books, etc.
    • Stains
    • Major damage can occur if the spill is not found in time
  • Injury
    • Burns from hot liquid
    • Falls from the liquid causing a slipping hazard on the floor
    • Electrical shock from the liquid flowing into an electrical path
     The Just-in Case Deck is a specialized platform that sits beneath the Coffee Maker.  When an overflow occurs the liquid is captured.  The Just-in Case Deck holds more than the volume of the coffee maker and is easily carried to a sink to empty.

Who will most likely benefit from the Patented Just-in Case Deck?

     Anyone that owns, operates, uses, sells or manufactures a coffee maker will benefit from the Just-in Case Deck.  Coffee makers are used everywhere, whether it be at home, work, or on vacation.  Most coffee drinkers have or use a coffee maker in more than one location.  The brand of coffee maker is often blamed for the malfunction, causing the consumer to think they need to purchase a competing brand.
  • The consumer could be saved; time, frustration, money, possible injury, etc.

  • The business owner could be saved; time, frustration, money, possible injury, loss of production from staff and/or employees, worker’s compensation, etc.

  • Hotels could be saved; time, frustration, money, possible injury, loss of production from staff and/or employees, worker’s compensation, damage, etc.

  • Resorts could be saved; time, frustration, money, possible injury, loss of production from staff and/or employees, worker’s compensation, damage, etc.

  • Brand loyalty.

     Our research came to the conclusion that coffee maker malfunctions happened 89% of the time at home, 84% in the work environment and 33% on vacation in hotel rooms and vacation condos. It appears that most any place that a coffee maker is in operation would most likely benefit. 
Brand Loyalty:
     A common response from websites, blogs, and research is that most individuals that have had a coffee malfunction blame the manufacturer of the coffee maker.   Many said they purchased a new coffee maker and would never buy a coffee maker from the previous manufacturer again.  All brands of coffee makers, regardless of the manufacturer were included in this complaint.
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