No Time for Coffee Messes! November 05 2019

How Coffee Drinkers can Save Time and Money

Everybody is busy!  It takes less time and money to brew your own coffee at home or at the office.   Unless an overflow occurs, this can take away time cleaning up, and cause costly damage.  Time is money, and money takes time, in other words, time is valuable. The Justin Case Deck will help solve this issue.

We all have experienced occasions when our efficiency (aka rush around, corner cutting, etc.) backfires on us.  Thankfully there is a solution to combat the backfire issues and save us from potentially wasting valuable time and money!  It is the Justin Case Deck.  Listed below are ways we try to be efficient in brewing coffee and how the Justin Case Deck can increase efficiency by resolving potential time and money zappers when our shortcuts fail.

  • The automatic brew button is great for starting the brew before you get up, or get to the office, though it does come with the risk of malfunctioning and spilling coffee all over the place leaving a huge mess, and potential water damage. This also can happen when you start it manually and walk away. You can see how this could zap both time and money, not to mention attitude!  The Justin Case Deck captures the mess and only takes a few minutes to clean up now or save the cleanup for a more convenient time. 
  • Filling the coffee makers reservoir with a pitcher of water, or gallon water bottle instead of using the coffee carafe. The reason is the water pours easier and faster out of a pitcher or bottle than it does from the carafe, some carafes pour so poorly it spills water all over the place. Though, if you over fill the reservoir, water will leak out a hole in the back of the unit, which is designed to keep from over filling. These are smaller spills that occur from time to time are also captured by the Justin Case Deck, saving time moving things and wiping up the mess.
  • Distractions occur and the coffee carafe doesn’t get completely emptied. Often the left over coffee in the carafe is missed because the background behind the carafe is black so it is not obvious there is still coffee in it. This does cause an overflow of coffee and not the best tasting coffee at that!  Thank goodness the Justin Case Deck captures the mess!
  • When rushing around so much there are times the coffee grounds basket is not properly snapped into position and this also will cause an overflow issue. Again, thank goodness for the Justin Case Deck!
  • Gremlins!!! That’s right, there are times that cannot be explained or we don’t have the time to explore what has caused an overflow, but again the Justin Case Deck comes to the rescue!

What are your reasons for Coffee Maker overflows? Do you have a need for a Justin Case Deck?  Here is how it works.  Want a 15% discount?? Use code NO TIME at checkout.