Coffee Overflow Solutions January 27 2016

Coffee makers are great, until they overflow!  Not only is this frustrating, some of the messes are large enough to result in extensive damage and possible injury.


Waking up to coffee overflowing onto the kitchen counter, down through the cabinets onto the hardwood floor because you used the automatic start feature is not a great way to start the day. 

 This problem is not isolated to any one manufacturer; all of the major manufactures have had similar complaints.           

In most cases it has been found to not the fault of the manufactures, but rather simply human error, such as by overfilling the coffee bin, using an incorrect filter, not placing the carafe in properly, etc.  

Malfunctions occur at home and at the office at all hours of the day.  Especially in view of many coffee makers are equipped with a programmable start feature and is usually left unattended once the brew button has been pushed.  Whether it is a malfunction of the appliance or human error, there will be messes from time to time.  The next best solution would be to contain the mess safely with easy cleanup. 

The Just-in Case Deck is a specialized platform that sits beneath the Coffee Maker.  When an overflow occurs the liquid is captured.  The Just-in Case Deck holds more than the volume of most coffee makers and is easily carried to a sink to empty.