Why My Coffee Maker Overflows April 22 2018

bad morning overflowWhy my coffee maker overflows and what can I do about it is a common question.  Randomly you will wake up to coffee and coffee grounds running all over the place, making a mess of everything in its path.  Sometimes it is a small nuisance, and other times it is a destroyer of important items.  Brewing performance tests have been run on several brands of machines, only to discover that there is not a single solution to the problem.  There are a multitude of solutions to any one issue; there are also a multitude of reasons for the coffee maker to malfunction.  Just to name a few: too much coffee in the brew basket, too many paper filters, wrong filter, the carafe is not in the correct position, the brew basket is not snapped into place, the carafe was not empty when a new batch was brewed…..AHHHH!


overflowing coffee messI even set myself up for water and coffee spillage because I use a pitcher instead of the coffee maker’s carafe to fill my coffee maker because it is more convenient.  By adding too much water, it will spill out of the over fill hole in the back of the unit and if the carafe is not completely empty it will overflow when the new batch of coffee is brewed.  I have had my share of mishaps with coffee flowing over my counter top, down my cabinets and across my hardwood floors.  This usually happens early in the morning, before my 1st cup of coffee, and makes for a tough start of a new day.


Some times our busy lives get in the way of making sure every “t” is crossed and “i” is dotted, especially when it comes to routine tasks such as brewing a batch of coffee.  Quite honestly, overflow solutionseven when we do check and double check every step we are not guaranteed there will not be another reason for an overflow to occur.

I am now a worry free coffee brewer!  I may have overflows, but I don’t have big messes to deal with!  That’s right!  My solution is the Justin Case Deck!  If an overflow occurs, it makes for easy cleanup!  For a 15% discount on this item go to www.JustinCaseDeck.com and use the discount code BLOG15.