The Importance of an Office Break Room September 15 2017





          The coffee break is normally one of the American traditions of taking a break during office hours. It actually started in the early 20th century, and until now, most Americans are still practicing it. Drinking a cup of coffee is a small daily pleasure which is part of each one of us, synonymous with relaxation is the best excuse to take a moment to pause.


            Happy employees are essential for a company.  Whether your company is an office or industrial shop, it is very important to make sure that you have an area for your employees to take a break.  It should have a comfortable environment with a coffee station.  Coffee is a great break for a majority of people and they often feel a mental relief when they slow down for a moment to sip it.  In office situations, it is often sipped all day long while working at a desk.  A coffee break provides the employee with both a physical and mental break to help reduce the stress of a normal day and keep their production up.

By providing the proper environment with all the fixings for a good brew of coffee you will help the employees feel that you care about them.  It can create a team atmosphere by offering a homey area for them to strike up conversations.

            Having coffee available for customers, clients and guests in your work place is also a real plus.  It provides the comfort to sit and talk over important information, or if they need to wait a few minutes before the meeting it gives them something to do without getting antsy.


            The break room should be kept clean and up to date with all the supplies.  A Justin Case Deck is a great accessory to include in your coffee station.  It sits under the coffee maker to capture any overflow mess from the coffee maker which may occur in the event of the coffee maker malfunctioning or normal drips and spills.  The Justin Case Deck not only captures the mess preventing a huge mess, it is also a safety feature and a time saver if there is a spill.