Coffee Maker September 01 2017

A majority of people wake up in the morning and the first thing they do is fire up the old coffee maker. Most models today are very easy to use, all you need is a filter, some coffee, and running water. Hit the button and you can have a pot of steaming hot coffee in just a few minutes. Today, almost every home has a coffee maker in the kitchen. 

The fact is, the coffee maker has become a must-have for the kitchen. There are many variations on the coffee maker. The basic model is nothing special, it brews you a cup of coffee and that’s it.


However, some advanced models offer much more. Many brands of coffee makers offer automatic shutoff mechanisms. That means that if you leave your coffee maker on for an extended period of time, or forget to turn it off before you leave the house, the machine will shut off automatically after a while. This automatic shutoff mechanism is designed to prevent the coffee maker from starting a fire if left for too long.


Then, there are the more advanced versions of the coffee maker that offer more features. Some advanced models sport timers, which are great for ensuring that you have a pot of steaming coffee before you even wake up in the morning. Set the timer the night before, prepare all of the ingredients, and when you wake up your coffee will already be made. You can save ten to fifteen minutes off your morning just by having a timer on your coffee maker. People can now enjoy all the coffee they want in the comfort of their own homes. Most people probably thought that with more and more coffee shops opening up, coffee makers at home would probably disappear.  However, even though coffee  

shops are springing up everywhere and are more popular than ever, it will probably be a long time before people throw out their coffee makers.


It has been my experience that there are times when the coffee maker malfunctioned and hot coffee has spilled out of the coffee maker.  It has created a terrible mess!  I had it run down my wood cabinets, and inside of them, over my hardwood floor!  I felt very lucky to catch it in time before it ruined my cabinets and floor.  It still was a bear to clean up and I was not a happy camper!  I now have the Justin Case Deck under my coffee maker and now when I have an issue with my coffee maker it does not flow all over everything and it is easy to clean up.  I am no longer afraid to brew a pot of coffee.

Check out the Justin Case Deck yourself!